Ford Adventure Club is managed by Red Moon, a company of which the Directors have had a working relationship with Ford Motor Company SA stretching over more than two decades. The team specialises in executing seamless events and now we are honoured to be managing the Level 1 4x4 training on behalf of Ford Motor Company SA as well.

Red Moon is owned and managed by Madelein Vasconcellos and Gideo Basson, both with extensive experience in Event Management within the motor industry.

Our experienced instructors are all accredited and have extensive skills both on and off the road and will assist in making every new Ford 4x4 owner comfortable with your vehicle and its capabilities in any environmental condition you and your vehicle’s wheels may come across.

The team will address basic theory on your vehicle and then implement these teachings on various obstacles, tracks and trails during the practical training until we are satisfied that you are comfortable and confident with what you need to know and have learned.