During the Level 1 4x4 training, our experienced instructors will focus on the theory surrounding the latest Ford 4x4 products, followed by practical training.

Our goal is to allow every new Ford 4x4 owner as much time as possible in the seat of your own vehicle whilst navigating the various obstacles, trails and tracks that our facilities have to offer.  Each owner will acquire the necessary knowledge about your vehicle’s modern technology as well as the skills to become comfortable and confident with the capabilities of your vehicle.

We are confident that our Level 1 4x4 training will be an insightful and rewarding experience for both Ford Ranger as well as Ford Everest 4x4 owners.

*Please note that the FREE Level 1 4x4 training is only for the owners of NEW Ford 4x4 vehicles


Vehicle Technology

The current range of Ford vehicles (Ranger, Everest and Raptor) are packed with vehicle features and technology. Remember that a 4x4 is first and foremost a safety feature and then also a vehicle capability enhancement. The technology included in the Ford products is ever evolving and improving and each new range has some improvements on the previous. Some of this technology is particularly relevant to 4x4 driving environments and to get the most out of your vehicle it is strongly advised that you come and join us for one of these free and fun filled days.


4x4 Introduction

Ford Motor Company South Africa has included a free level 1 4x4 course as part of your vehicle’s purchase. The fee course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. The course will cover all the off road relevant technologies in your vehicle and it is explained by our expert 4x4 instructors at one of the 4x4 venue’s spread around Southern Africa. The course also covers the basics of 4x4 driving and is an introductory course into 4x4 driving. This being said the team has years of 4x4 driving and overlanding experience and even if this is not your 1st 4x4 purchase, you will learn something new on the day.


Obstacle identification

Part of the course is understanding your vehicle, its dynamics and dimensions, to better equip you in an off-road environment. A lot of off-road driving is based around correctly identifying your environment and setting yourself and your vehicle up correctly for the obstacle or terrain. A good portion of the course is not only focused on technical vehicle details, but in identifying your obstacle and approaching it in the correct manner.


Practical Driving

At the end of the day, its all about the practical driving experience and the majority of the day will be spent in your vehicle on one of our various 4x4 tracks and courses to practically apply what you have learned in the classroom session. The instructors will be at hand to guide your through the obstacles to give you guidance and build your confidence. Specific time is spent to highlight key vehicle features in real world off-road environments. At the end of the day you should walk away from the day with confidence in yourself and your vehicle.


A. Yes, you do use your own vehicle, but rest assured that our experienced instructors will be with you at every stage to ensure that all obstacles are cleared in the safest manner possible and no damage is done to your new 4x4.

Please note that instructors will provide as much guidance for safe driving as possible – however, if your vehicle is damaged during the training, the liability lies with you.

A. Sure, you can bring someone to share in the joy of discovering your new 4x4’s abilities. Guests completing the full course may do so at a cost: R1 850 per additional driver | R550 per passenger over the age of 10 | R200 per passenger ages 4-9 years | passengers under the age of 3 years, no charge

Please inform us upon booking if you intend to bring guest/s and if you / they have any dietary requirements.

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