Vehicle Technology

The technology included in the Ford products is ever evolving and improving. Some of this technology is particularly relevant to 4x4 driving environments and to get the most out of your vehicle it is strongly advised that you come and join us for one of these free and fun filled days.


4x4 Introduction

The course covers all the off road relevant technologies in your vehicle and it is explained by our expert 4x4 instructors at one of the 4x4 venue’s spread around Southern Africa. The course also covers the basics of 4x4 driving and is an introductory course into 4x4 driving.


Practical Driving

The majority of the training day will be spent in your vehicle on one of our various 4x4 tracks and courses to practically apply what you have learned in the classroom session. The instructors will be at hand to guide your through the obstacles to give you guidance and build your confidence.


Welcome to Ford Adventure Club, the official Level 1 4x4 training partner for Ford Motor Company SA.

Furthermore, Ford Adventure Club is also your partner in adventure which will allow for higher level 4x4 training as well as overland adventures.

It is our vision to afford every new Ford 4x4 customer the opportunity to learn something new. Whether you are a first time new 4x4 owner or a repeat new 4x4 owner, there will be elements of value to take home from each training session.



Saturday 16 July 2022
Sunday 17 July 2022

Western Cape

Saturday 20 August 2022
Saturday 3 September 2022



Saturday 9 July 2022
Saturday 27 August 2022



Saturday 2 July 2022
Saturday 1 October 2022


Saturday 22 October 2022

Port Elizabeth

Saturday 30 July 2022
Saturday 3 December 2022